Sunday, May 15, 2011


Don't know if i'm some freak of banded nature, but I swear it feels like my burps are getting stuck.  I'll have to burp (and even do sometimes) and it's followed by  "OMG OW" .. like an entire balloon is trying to come up through my band.   grrr



  1. Hi Sam! Just a quick hello, haven't been able to get on my computer for a few days. Can't help with the burp situation but wanted to say hang in there! Will catch up on posts when I get to my pc (am reading on my phone).

  2. Hang in does get easier! The first week minor little burps were painful, but a hiccup was AGONY!!! I think that took about a week to 10 days and then it totally went away. Sadly, hunger returns when those annoying pains go way. So look on the bright side! :)

  3. Dianne, Thanks for at least letting me know i'm not some freak of nature :) I know it'll get better, it's just annoying for now. That and I really really want to sleep curled up on my side. *sigh* Soon

  4. I had the same feeling! And it lasted for 2 weeks post op. It was horrible, because, for me, it really hurt when I couldn't burp. My surgery was April 26. Funny, you are the only other person that I have heard talk about it. :) I think, however, that it might be a sign of having "good restriction" from the get-go. Which I think is nice.