Monday, May 2, 2011

quick update

clock is ticking away, and I'm getting closer, and it's starting to finally seem real to me. Just spent the weekend reading Amy's blog, and I have to say she give me hope for myself.  I know nobody is perfect, but she's so up front about it, and about not always eating the right food, and not always exercising, that I know I'll be okay.  :)

Now I have to make a choice.  Kaiser recommends a 3 day clear liquid fast.  One of the girls in my class said her doctor recommend a week.  My doc didn't say anything.  I'm thinking of upping my fast to 5 days.   But I'm not sure. supposedly it's the suckiest part of the whole thing, so why should I make the suck last longer?  But I'm all for shrinking my liver and making surgery as easy as possible for my doc.  Thoughts?

<3 Sam


  1. My pre op diets was two weeks liquids only except I was allowed one meal of soups (chunks and all). It made the whole thing doable!! :) Whatever you decide, best of luck! You are going to do great.

  2. Thanks Beth Ann. I think I'm leaning towards 5 days. If anything, I'll just get a head start on losing weight :)

  3. Hi Samantha,
    I'm not near my surgery yet, but I know my pre-surgery diet will be two weeks of fluid only. I'm excited to be following you from the beginning, and hopefully my surgery won't be too much longer after yours and we can be band buddies :)
    Little red xox

  4. My pre-op was two weeks of very low carb. No liquid fasting at all.