Saturday, May 14, 2011

for all of you "been there done that"

I have a question for all you post bandsters.  I haven't had any of the dreaded shoulder pain gas stuff.  But my tummy is very rumbly/gurgly.  Like I can hear it, beyond feeling it.  Is this normal? is it normal 2 days after sugery?   and is it normal to not really be hungry even though i'm off the broth diet and can have real full lquids and jello and pudding and stuff??

just curious.

<3 Sam


  1. first of all, you are very lucky to dodge the shoulder pain bullet. Some do, I did not. The rumbling tummy,I still get it sometimes. Nothing to worry there. I sometimes hear gurgling in my chest too. my husband thinks its funny. I was probably three or four days out before I felt any real hunger. Again, cherish that. Soon enough you will have your hunger back! Don't forget to walk walk walk, and drink plenty of water! The more walking the better for healing! but don't overdo it either!

  2. Sammy Sam Sammerson......

    Totally normal! All of it :) Except the NO shoulder gas pain. Dammit... I'm so jealous.

  3. I had surgery 6 days ago and I am so bloated i think I could pop. Im not hungry at all. But like you my tummy is growling continually.