Sunday, March 25, 2012

weigh in

I'm pretty sure this is a way artificial low, or all those dreams/thoughts/prayers of magically losing weight finally are starting to come true, but weigh in this morning said 213.5 ... that's like a 5 lb loss from last week.. and a couple of days ago even.  I'll do my best to keep this and not go back up and make it real!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Picture spam

I'm here with some picture spam

first me, in a dress..  I think h-e- double hockey sticks has frozen over:

Next is a couple of our new Puppy!  his name is Bomber (it came from my hubbys online nickname that he had forever) .. He's a Welsh Corgi and totally ADORABLE!!

For those of you who know corgi's his ears should go up on their own.  Then he'll be even more adorable!! 

That's all I have for now. I might be down a pound or so this week, we'll find out tomorrow! 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did a light bulb just turn on??


I swear, You'd think this whole lap band/weight loss thing was rocket science the way I've been going at it.
But yesterday ... I was good with my food (mostly) and after work I went to the gym for 50 minutes of elliptical, and THEN went home and walked the dog for another 40 min (Thank  you daylight savings!) ..  my bodybugg said those two hours (ish)  burned about 700 calories.  At first I'm all amazed!!  then I'm all .. duh!! That's the whole point of exercise..  And all of that is probably why I was able to eat twice as much dinner as I should have (taco meat, cheese a few a lot of tortilla chips, home made salsa and guac) and still see my lowest weight yet on the scale this morning 217.1  .. not official weight, as it's not Sunday, however, this is encouraging.  Maybe if I actually keep this up I can get back to losing.  and find Onederland! and beyond!
And while I'm at it can I win the lotto so I can afford a trainer?  >.>

In other news, on March 23rd,   we'll be adding a new puppy to our family.  Yup puppy, potty training and all.  But I'm excited, it's a Welsh Corgi!!! so cute!!
Our puppy will be one of these
Also also, I don't think I mentioned this, but in my absence from blog land I figured out my painful elbow is due to tennis elbow.  joy >.<   So i've got a brace on, and whenever I remember I do my stretches.. And soon I get to learn the exercises to make this not happen again.  so yay!

But that's it for now.  Hopeing to stay excited enough to keep up what I'm doing!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

food scheduling

Robyn said something in her 10 Things Thursday post today that reminded me of a thought/question I've been pondering for a bit.

Food/meal schedules.  I often find myself hungry (and really hungry  not head hungry)  before dinner time. like 4:30/5 o'clock.   But when I stop and think, If I ate lunch at 11 like I usually do, that's more than reasonable to expect to be hungry.  If I'm eating the right portions, then I should be not hungry for 3-4 hours right?  so totally reasonable to be hungry at 4:30.  So, I guess, what I'm thinking is I need to work in an *appropriate* snack.  I'm thinking a bit of hummus and veggies or a small portion of beef jerky or something.   There's just so much conflicting info out there. "3 meals a day!! no more! no less!!"  and then "5 small meals a day, keeps your metabolism going" .. blah blah.  I figure I just need to do what works for me.

Speaking of portion sizes, I really really need to go buy more of the 1 cup sized ziploc containers.  It's just too easy to say "one more scoop" in a bigger container.  I used that today and at first my head was like "that is SO not enough chicken salad (Costco, very yummy)!"  and I told it "remember how you felt yesterday after more than this? yes, this is enough" so we'll see how after lunch goes :)  

blah, I'm back and blogging more than ever! and more randomly than ever too I think.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grrr. F$%#$ing ignorance

Seriously, I can't read news article comments anymore cause it just pisses me off... and apparently I can't listen to the radio anymore either.

On my way home the radio station i listen too always does an "Other Peoples problems" bit, where people write or call in with their issue and then people call in with their thoughts/solutions, they also post it on facebook.  Today was something along the lines of "i met my BFF in a weight loss program, we instantly bonded blah blah blah.  Today I'm still losing weight slowly, but surely, but she got Gastric bypass surgery, and her weight fell off like magic"  (here's where i expected  something along the lines of "i'm so jealous i don't want to be around her") .. Now the friend who had surgery is being a royal witch to the still fat friend, and making jokes at her expense and saying "you're to fat to do ____ "  .

One of the DJ's then says " wow, she really turned on who she used to be.. but before we go any further, can we say Carrie (or whatever her name was) cheated" ...


Pissed.  And then if you read the facebook comments on the post, mixed in with "ditch the friend" is a lot of , "easy way out" "cheated"  "in 5 years she'll be fat again" and "at least you'll have earned the right to be skinny"

WTF?  earn the right to be skinny?  paying tons of money, working your ass off and changing everything about how/what you eat  etc. doesn't earn you the right to be skinny? for fucks sake people need to grow up.

My response " While this friend is no friend judging from her actions, a lot of you need to realize that weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out, or cheating. When the best thing an obese person can do for themselves is lost weight, does it really matter how they do it?"

I would have said more, but I was on my phone...  but just GRRR.  I wish.. I dunno what I wish, just that people were less stupid and took some time to educate themselves before they say things.
If you want to weigh (lol see what I did there?) in on this, here's the facebook page:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm back, mentally conflicted, and ready to work!

Okay, so it might have been a month since my last post.  Oops. AND I kinda left you all with a cliff-hanger about an upset feeling tummy and heart burn. Forgive me?

Turns out I probably was just eating too much since I haven't really had the problem since. *whew*

However in the last month I've just been hovering at 217-219.  While I haven't gained weight, which is pretty much a miracle with my food choices/amounts, I haven't lost, which is the whole point.

So, for the umpteenth time, I'm back on track!! I swear!  And I have additional reminders/motivation this time!

Let me explain:  My hubby and I just started (last week) renting out our extra bedroom to a friend.  This benefits both sides in that it's saving her money to enable her to pay down her debt and basically get in a better financial place.  And basically the same for us.  After fixing a few things and the new washer/dryer we want, the rest of the money is going to paying off big chunks of credit cards and into savings! yay!
 But as for motivation, this girl is 26, a little over 6ft tall, and easily over 400lbs.  I like her a lot (dur, we're sharing a house with her) .. but her attitude is .. rubbing me the wrong way.  She "jokes" about being the "happy fat kid" when she eats her appetizer and entire plate and dessert when we go out to eat.  She says she's hot and sexy and all the guys know it and want her.. And I'm all for having a healthy self esteem at any weight (which i'm still learning for myself).. I think she's just covering.  She's also said "I look at pictures of myself at 15, and then now, and it's depressing" .. Hard to be the happy fat kid when you're upset about that.  I soooo want to say something, but I know it's not my place, and still being over 200lbs after having WLS, do I even have a leg to stand on? I mean I know personally, that a million people can tell you their opinion and what to do, but as we all know, until YOU decide to fix it, nothing is going to happen.

She's also reminded of a lot of my factors in choosing WLS.  She can't go up the 6 stairs in out split level without breathing hard, she can't fit in any booths.. she wants a new car but "only a 2 door cause they're easier to get in/out of".   I didn't want my life choices to be determined by my weight.   So I think I've found some renewed focus to cut back down on portion sizes and get my lazy behind back in the gym.  A) I don't want to ever be in that spot again  and b) maybe I can provide some positive motivation for her.  maybe.

So, apparently I'm wordy when I come back.  Thanks for listening (reading?)!