Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something that scared me the other day

A few days ago while I was at my  mom's house recuperating,  a couple of friends of the family came over for dinner (and omg damn my mom for making veal parm).  Anyways, her daughter had had the lap bad procedure done in nov. I think.  anyways,  recently she was very sick (throwing up a lot) that didn't have anything to do with the band.  But it seems she's already slipped her band. 6 months out.  That scares me. I know there's tons of people who have had theirs forever with nary a problem, and I hope to be one of them, but the whole slipping/erosion thing is why I spent so much time pre-surgery flip-flopping between banding and bypass.  I'm sure I'll be fine, and even if  i'm not, what will be, will be.  But damn.

<3 Sam


  1. My Dr has kept me on liquids for 4 weeks after the surgery and then mushies for 4 weeks after that. He said he wants to make sure that I would have less chance of that happening to me. But I know how you feel, I think about that also. From reading so many other blogs and all the good advice out there, I think as long as we dont push ourselves trying to eat some stuff to soon and making sure we chew chew and chew somemore we should be ok.

  2. Heyo, I just started following your blog. It's a fun read!

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