Friday, December 30, 2011

10 things Thursday

Alrighty, gonna try this and see if I can come up with 10.

1) I'm so frustrated right now.  After getting a new scale and seeing things moving again, It looks like this weekends weigh in will put me right back at 225-ish.

2) (maybe an extension of #1) I shouldn't be frustrated since I've had some ice cream a couple nights this week, and keep forgetting to stop eating and wait to see if I'm done or not. I just keep going. (but really, this weight has been going on since Oct.. i'm over it)

3) I do get a pat on the back for today.  I went to a soup place for lunch today, they have 12 soups that change daily, and I was eyeballing the Twice-Baked Stuffed Potato (with bacon)..   but instead got chicken noodle.

Potato =Calories 380, fat 30 grams, net carbs 18 (carbs less fiber), dietary fiber 2 grams, protein 10 grams, per 8 ounce serving.

chicken noodle = Calories 120, fat 1 grams, net carbs 16 (carbs less fiber), dietary fiber 2 grams, protein 9 grams, per 8 ounce serving. PointsPlus: 3 

So yay for some part of my brain thinking (although I did eat 3/4 of the bread roll they gave me)

4)  I love my bracelet I got from myself  my hubby for christmas: 

5) I really need to win the Lotto.  Not only am I totally stressing over doing the budget this month (I'm pretty sure there's a couple of weeks when we've got about $15 for food)... but I really want to buy some personal training sessions.  Not only will they get me a work out plan, but Having somebody holding me accountable like that is good for me.  I can't seem to do it by myself.

6) Totally addicted to facebook. I don't post a lot, but I'm always checking to see what everybody else is doing. I think I live vicariously through my news feed.

7) Sometimes I love that my job can have a lot of downtime (plenty of time to catch up on blogger and/or make a post) .. and sometimes it sucks!! sitting for 8 hours with about 45 minutes of total work to do can go blow donkeys.  

8)  I'm  jealous of you people with your surgeon support groups.  I went to my first support group meeting after surgery.. and I was the ONLY band patient.  I know I should still go, but I also know me.  I know that the more irrelevant i find stuff (i.e. I CAN eat sugar and don't have to hunt down food with no sugar alcohols or whatever).. or the more.. jealous i get (the guy who was 6 months out from his bypass and had lost over 100 lbs so far), the less likely I am to want to go.. which is why I'm not.  But I do consider you all my support group.

9) speaking of speed, Sometimes i feel that my loss is hugely slow.  But then I read through some very successful people's blogs, and see I'm going faster, or at least on par with some of them.. and I feel better. i think I may need to do some more re-reading soon.

10) MINDSET.  I needs it! or at least the "right" one.  No more lazy, no more tons of food, no more bad food (within reason, part of why I got the band vs. bypass is "absolutely no_____!!" doesn't work for me)

And that's my ten things.  I'm not sure I can do this every week. I'm pretty boring :)


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm pretty sure my fat cells are laughing at me.

Yes.. if fat cells could laugh, mine are doing the evil mad scientist "mwahahahhaha" right now.

Yesterday morning (after Christmas dinner mind you) I weighed 222.something.  This morning I magically weighed 225.6.. I didn't eat THAT bad yesterday.  So after so many days of going down slowly, it all magically came back in one day/night.  evil evil fat cells.

But that's okay. Nothing I can't come back from. In fact I've got my gym bag in my car, and I've been shivering so much at work this morning that's got to be good for a couple hundred calories burned too! LOL.

Anyways, just checking in!  Hope everybody had a good holiday weekend!


Friday, December 16, 2011


Looky what my bakery top ( in these size 16s it's more than a muffin top) and I did today!

LOL.  yes. wrong pic. stupid phone. and silly hubby for rushing me out the door while i'm trying to post. 

it's supposed to have this pic:

I'll leave the kittty, cause he is cute.

NSV of sorts

Yup, a NSV to report.. that came to be by pure laziness (aka not swapping laundry loads)

I was running around this morning trying to find some jeans (yay casual fridays!) .. and realized that both my pairs of size 18s are in the washer (as in still wet).  Oops.   So I look in my closet, the only two pairs in there are a size 20 (only if i want to be pulling them up all day) and a size 6 in Lane Bryants right size whatever line. Also, way too big.

So I go to the "soon" closet, and pull out a pair of 16s.. thinking "yeah right" .. but they're on!  they're tight.. but they're on! and buttoned! ... and with 3 inches of flab hanging over the top >.<

But we'll ignore the flab (or cover it with a loose top) and go with the fact that I'M WEARING SIZE SIXTEEN JEANS!! for the first time in years!

In other news, I almost forgot my gym bag this morning, but went back inside and grabbed it. AND I shaved my legs.. Nothing is stopping me!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

And done

Excuses are so easy

Walking into work this morning I was so proud that I actually managed to remember to put my gym bag in my car.  Now I can't use the excuse that "it's too inconvenient to go home, THEN go to the gym" ... so the very next thought i have?

"OMG, the pants i packed are capri length and I haven't shaved my legs in like a week!"

really brain?? really? this is what you come up with to keep me from going to the gym?  Do I honestly think people are going to be looking at my legs?? yeah.. right.  

I even got my early game access to the new MMO I want to play, which normally would mean me rushing home to plant my behind in a chair for the rest of the night, but I have VOWED!!! to go to the gym first.  It will happen.  And if it doesn't somebody come to Colorado and slap me silly!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have a scale!!

Today's weight:


I don't have photographic evidence, as my phone was upstairs this morning, but it's true.. Otherwise I'd probably tell you I'd lost more than 2 lbs in the last 2 months.  >.<

yeah, since my last recorded weight 2 months ago, I've lost 2lbs.  HOWEVER, it is still a loss, and with all the cr@p I've been eating, It's amazing it hasn't gone up.  So I'll take it, and use this as motivation to get back in gear. (I know I've said that a lot recently, but I mean it!)



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

update on my unfill and thanksgiving pics

Okay, so it's almost two weeks later.  But I think this unfill has been good.  I got 1cc removed, which should leave me with 5.

Firstly, there was not an excessive amount of poking to find my port and remove liquid. YAY!

Secondly, I can still feel my band working (hamburger last night was almost an issue), but it's not as bad in the morning.  It's still tighter in the morning than later in the day, but oatmeal or yogurt doesn't hurt anymore.  so hallelujah!

Now, I need to get back to eating the right things, and back to the gym.  Yes I've lost 60lbs.. but I've still got 60 more to go.  As it stands right now I'm that statistic.  You know "most gastric banding patients lose 50% of their excess weight".   I went into this wanting to NOT be that statistic, and I need to make that happen!  So RAWR!

I can do this. It's not rocket science, it's just head science.

<3 Sam

And no, I STILL don't have a new scale.  New house + new car = NO money.  I'm half tempted to put up a paypal donation button for a scale! LOL. not really, I know I can find the money.. just need to do it.. as with everything else <3

also also,

here's some pics from thanksgiving.  I decided to be all fancy!