Saturday, May 7, 2011

My head..

My head,   I think it's getting smarter-ish.  Day one of clear liquids. Meh. not thrilled, but that's a given. I have my tea, my isopure, my water, and my broth. hooray >.<    I did call my hubby on my way home from work though and ask him if we could go to Garbanzo today, as I didn't get to eat there before I started. I figured that since I'm really only supposed to do 3 days, i could cheat.  But he told me "no, you decided to do this for 5 so stick with it"... which i reluctantly agreed to.   Of course then my Evil Brain said "he won't be home for an hour after you, just drive through somewhere and get something small" .. And I was so tempted.  Until Good Brain said "hey dummy, that's how you got here in the first place.  Hiding what you're eating is bad"  Good Brain won this time.  And hopefully more and more in the future.   Good Brain is also working on the whole sit back and see if you're really still hungry thing.  It's days like today, I think maybe I *can* do this thing.  

and now for measurements, and before pics as promised! (actually pics on Monday, Then the hubby will help)

Neck: 17"
Chest (do you measure this under boobs? including boobs??):53 1/2" w/b's 49" without
L upper arm: 17"
R upper arm:  18.5"
Waist:  54 at belly button
L thigh: 27.75  (7 inches from knee)
R thigh:  27.5


  1. Oh Dear. I totally did the drive through thing last night as hubby was at work. Shhhh!
    I seem to be having a "last supper" month, without even having a surgery date. Must stop!

  2. Good for your hubby and good for you!! I was the biggest food hider and hoarder ever, so I totally get it. That has been the biggest dietary change for me. If I splurge, I own it. Let's not let food rule us anymore!!

    (Only one more day!)