Wednesday, May 25, 2011

2nd day of work, here I am!

Yesterday was my first day back at work. and it went .... like work.  Nothing spectacular.  Didn't get tired, didn't get sore.  So yay! (and boo for not being able to claim "ow" and stay home more) So here I am at work again, and things are fine.  Nothing to report there.  Not a whole lot to report in general.

I DO need to really work on remembering to take my vitamins.  I've sooo been slacking.  I think it's cause the Vitaband ones make me feel like I'm foaming at the mouth as I chew them.  Ah well, such is life.   I'm pretty sure this morning on the train ride in I had something monumental (to me) to share with you all, but it must not have been that important as I haven't a clue what it was now.  :)

I don't know if it's just me, but Blogger is being a butt and not letting me post comments! (either that or when it starts working right VWBug is going to have about 3 of the same comment from me).  But it was about a person at her work (banded at the same time a.k.a. recently) being "hungry" already.  She things it's head hunger, and I totally agree.  As I suppose that's what I had/have.  Although mines not so much hunger, and just craving.  I know that I'm not hungry, I even don't want to physically steal my hubbys greasy burger.  But the idea of greasy burger sounds very very good, especially as I sat there eating my greek yogurt.  But I'm definitely working on my thought processes.  Asking myself "am I really hungry?" and "should you be eating that at all?"  And I know if I can keep that up, I'll be setting myself on a good path for the future. :)

ooo! I remembered my monumental thing!  it was Thank heavens for decaf sugar-free tall cinnamon dolce lattes!!

and with that, it's back to work I go! toodles

<3 Sam


  1. Wow, decaf sugar-free cinnamon dolce lattes sound fabulous! I'm willing to bet I couldn't get one of those over here :)

    On the vitamin front, have you tried a soluble vitamin? Try googling band buddies.

  2. hahaha I can tell I'm a Starbucks dork when, even though it's been over 10 years since I've worked there, I corrected your drink order in my head to decaf tall sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte! Oh, and this was the first thing I asked for as soon as I got out of surgery! I checked with my doctor to make sure it was ok then made my mom drive me over there and get me an iced one! I was craving so bad!

  3. Ooo, I'm going to check on Band Buddies. I take Vitaband too, and I super dislike the way they taste. Mine are mixed berry and I have to take 2 a day.

    To remember my vitamins I bought one of those pill boxes that comes in a long row with seven compartments (one for each day of the week). And that super duper helps me remember to take them!

    And a Tall Skinny Cinnamon dolce steamer sounds wonderful! I don't like coffee taste. But seriously, nearly $4? Um, no thanks Starbucks!