Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm on the other side!

That's  right folks, I am officially a bandster now.  Surgery was yestery morning 10:45ish.  was out of there by 3. Everybody was super nice, but it was weird that they just let me out.  No tests or upper gi anythings.  but i'm home, no problems, just a bit sore.  Kinda like i did a bunch of crunches yesterday.  Am glad to be off the clear liquids, although I didn't eat a lot of my full liquids today. just no hunger.  that any my tummy is very gurgly, think it's gas as i've been burpy all day.  have been good with my water at least.  Another night of sleeping on my back, not lookng forward to that. I'm such a side/stomach sleeper it's not even funny.

that's all i've really got for now, just wanted to let the world know that i'm still alive, and everything went a-ok.

<3 Sam


  1. Welcome to the Bandster Loser's Bench! :) Keep walking and drinking your water :)

  2. So glad everything went well! Welcome to this side! I don't think they did any upper GI or anything for me after surgery either. At least, nothing while I was awake!