Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heel pain anyone?

Uhg, looking for some advice.

For about the last week my heels (especially my right one) have been KILLING me.  They've hurt off and on for who knows how many years, but this last week.. blah.  It's a miracle I went to Zumba on Sunday (this is why I need a gym buddy, if someone is waiting for me to be there, I'm there).  I couldn't do the jumpy bits of Zumba because when I tried STABBY pain in my heels.  And walking is ow.  Mucho Ow-o.  

I do have very flat feet, and don't wear orthotics (not even cheapies), and I'm sure this is the number one thing that will help.  I've also seen that ice could help.  And rest, which isn't an option. A) I HAVE to walk from the light rail station to work, about 1/2 a mile and B) If I use this as an excuse not to go to the gym, it'll be another 3 months before I go back. I know me.

So, any suggestions for heel pain?


  1. I sympathize. I had horrible plantar fasciitis for years. My podiatrist recommended to NEVER (never) go barefoot. Wear at least flip flops in the shower. At the time I wore Birkenstocks a lot and she liked the support they provided. I know there are some exercises that are supposed to help but I never really went that route. Good luck to you!

  2. Every so often I have this problem as well ... I hope someone has some answers for us :)

  3. Hey, I was just looking at your weekly weigh in chart ... you are doing great !!

  4. I have plantar fasciitis and what I find helps is freezing a bottle of water and once its frozen put it sideways on the floor and just roll your foot on it for awhile. It's soothing and massaging, and the cold helps bring down inflammation. It was suggested by my podiatrist awhile back.

  5.'s definitely plantar faciitis...and Melissa has it right - after working out roll a bottle of frozen water in the arch of your foot...also, stretching your calf muscles helps too - do it before you get out of bed every morning...I have it in both of my feet and I deal with it off and on - it's from years of being inactive and then suddenly being a workout queen - plus the added weight certainly didn't help...I have heard Birkenstocks help too! I went to a store where they sold me the Birkenstock insoles - they were great for a while but it didn't last. You will most likely need orthotics - so seeing a podiatrist would probably be a good plan...good luck! Keep us updated on how things are!