Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, I work Saturdays.  Saturdays are really really really slow.  I've been watching tv and stuff on the computer at work (hooray for am.azon instant streaming).. but .. I've noticed since being banded... I eat when I'm bored. I'll be siting here, doing nothing, and suddenly thinking "i could go buy some sushi at king soopers" .. or whatever boredom noshing food you can think of.  Someone has a fundraiser box of $1 candy bars up on the counter.  I have availed myself of a twix or two.  Heck, today I ate my meatballs (thank you costco!) .. and 5 minutes later I was planning a run to go buy some sushi.  After a week of meatballs I KNOW that my 5 meatballs and pasta sauce is enough. I just need to wait a few minutes for the hungry to go away.  AND there's the fact that I've been really good all week, and headed towards a loss, and these Saturdays are messing up my Sunday weigh in! dang it!

I think I need to bring in my knitting again on weekends.  Put something to do in my hands.  Watching things is nice, but it's not keeping me occupied enough to keep me from wanting food.  It'd be  nice if willpower was enough, but if that were the case, I'd probably not be here in the first place.

  I've got a doctors appointment set up for Tuesday morning to talk about this heel pain.  Of course that means today after making the appointment, it feels way better.   Monday I have an appointment at the gym for a "fitness orientation"  .. basically a walk-though of how to use/where to start with the machines, and a lot of "if you buy training packages this is how I can help you" . I plan on taking notes, hopefully I can get him to help me find a starting weight to use.  And since I seem be sharing my appointments in reverse order, tomorrow morning is Zumba, and tomorrow afternoon is waxing the girly bits!

So plans. Long term, stop being bored! bring some knitting, coloring, gameboy, something!!! to get my mind of boredom eating.  short term: appointments galore!  I hope everyone else has a great long weekend!



  1. Oooh, the boredom is the worst...thankfully at my job I am usually run off my feet, so when I get a break, it's my meal break, and I've already planned it, packed it, and brought it. I am constantly trying to get my 100+ ozs of water in, and when I feel hungry, I try to drink a bottle of water, to distract myself. Then, if I'm still hungry a bit later, I will have a wee snack. I hear what you're saying though, it's all about waiting for the hunger to kick in! What is your soft stop? Mine are these delightful lady like hiccups...don't know it any of that is helpful at all, but I wanted to share! Your gym tour sounds great. I hope they don't put too much pressure on you! Have a great weekend...

  2. Sadly I haven't discovered my soft stop yet. If i have one. I'm miffed.

  3. Knitting does it for me! Keeps my mind out of the food bin!

  4. I also eat when I'm bored, and I realised today that I eat when I'm procrastinating! I'm yet to find a way around it, besides trying to keep busy and distract myself. I think I'm going to make a list of things that need doing around the house and stick it on the fridge, so if I find myself going to the fridge I will be reminded to do something else!

  5. I have the same issue - boredom is the WORST for me for snacking!!!

  6. yep ... add me to the "I'm bored - let's eat" club ... I'm getting better. Hard to eat and type/comment on blogs at the same time :)