Saturday, August 6, 2011



So today was craptastic in terms of food.   Breakfast was a starbucks strawberry smoothie.  I'm okay with that. It's sorta been my go-to breakfast lately.  It's 280 cal and 15g protein.  Not the best, but better than other choices, and it usually keeps me full till lunch.
But then!!! I had a greek yogurt for a snack.  And for lunch I had some sushi (Philadelphia rolls) AND some popcorn chicken from the grocery store...  I was (obviously) way full after that.. but ordered dinner around 6 anyways.  Hubby is out with friends, so I figured I'd try one of the chinese places around, I have to find a new one now.  So I order.. and wait 2 hours, which actually was kind of good.  That meant I was hungry by the time food got here.  So I take a bite of my crab-meat cheese wonton/crab rangoon (I figured they're crunchy, I'd be fine) .. and OMG STUCK.  like OW.  And .. PB.  it happened.  sliming.. burping, and a little bit coming up.  I'm soooo glad I was home alone.  Otherwise Hubby would so be all "I told you not to eat that!" *sigh*  Good thing I ordered some soup too, since that's all I ended up eating.

I think that was my bands way of saying "hey dipshit, you ate enough at lunch to feed yourself for 2 days, you don't need dinner!"

Blah.  So I'm predicting another not so steller weigh in tomorrow, but such is life.
Time to go beat some sense into my head.  It needs to learn to listen to my stomach more in regards to hungry vs. not hungry.



  1. ugh, I feel your pain. We went out for Japanese for our anniversary and I was so scared the whole time that something wouldn't go down. Thankfully hubby ate a LOT fo food so I could take my time and enjoy. It's a slippery slope!

  2. I find fried foods are sorta on my no-no list these days. Anything like that I have trouble with. So sorry about your stuck/slime episode.

  3. I'm sure you'll be fine, doesn't sound like you ate anything too bad. :)

    That being said, sorry you had to have a PB. Those are never fun! :(

  4. there has got to be something on a chinese menu that is brand - friendly ... I just wonder what it would be? Maybe that will be my mission once I start eating. If so - I'll report at once !

  5. Bummer about the stuck/PB. I acted out badly the last couple days with food decisions and my Chinese did not get stuck, but it would have been better if it had if you know what I mean. :(