Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back and better than ever!

Yup, I'm back, with an improved attitude!

Maybe it was the pre-TOM thing going on (now the full fledged thing is here..blah)

Maybe it was just me.. have an down day. It happens.   But after some retail therapy (I love you Coach outlet store!) and a trip to our new IKEA   (holy carp that store is huge!! 90 minutes of walking and that was zipping through the last half) but I feel better now!

Sunday's weigh in was basically the same. 243.6 (although liar scale said 242.? just a little bit later) and I'm okay with that.  Even though I wasn't going down, I wasn't really going up either.  it's a half victory!

I actually remembered to bring my gym bag today, so I'm going to hit up the 24hr fitness after work (and see how full this one is) and then more unpacking.  

And my co-workers continue to amuse me.  One of them (the only guy) just started the HCG diet.  Last week he lost 5lbs, so good for him?  I personally think the diet is crap (after reading many things, including the pills he's taking probably carry little to none of the hormone in question)  but good for him loosing weight.  Although he's already talking about the binge he's going to have in 6 weeks when he's done.. Seems to me that defeats the purpose.

Anyhows, just wanted to let you know that my attitude is in a much better place than last week, and I love you all!



  1. Glad you're 'back' ... and hearing about the guy who's planning a binge .... oh, that was me sooooooooooo many times and she is gone !

  2. Yay that you're back Sam!!! I missed you last week! Glad that you're back and feeling a bit more settled...I totally hear you about the guy planning his binge - been there, so glad that I'm not capable of doing that anymore - that is the best part of the band for me. I haven't really challenged that yet, so we'll see. But really, if you think about it, those 5 pounds he lost he'll probably gain back before the binge s over, because he hasn't changed his attitude. Unlike you! Keep up your awesome work!!

  3. I love IKEA! Buy anything fun? :D

  4. I'm sorry I missed this! I think I was in my headache haze. I will go back and check on the previous post too. So glad you are feeling better, even with TOM. I love ikea too! But the closest one to us is about 1600kms away so we don't shop there very often! Love their pear fizzy drink though and I've heard great things about the meatballs. 90 mins of walking - one might say that shopping is good for you? I'll try selling that to my husband!!