Thursday, July 7, 2011

When in doubt (or longing)...

Look up the nutrition.   The Devil Someone brought in Einstein bagels and cream cheese today.   OMG .. so not fair.  I was wavering.  So I looked up the nutrition info.  Most of their bagels with no cream cheese are right around 300 calories.   That's enough to make me stop.  For now. 

This right here, This is Food Porn

On the plus side, I'm on day 3 of  taking the stairs at work.  I do  have to take the elevator to the second floor, but then I can walk to the 4th.  And I'm doing extra stairs during the day too.  Yesterday I did 6 floors. Goal today is 8 ( I do two floors at a time and am winded after that).   I'm hoping to relive my freshman year of college when I lost 15 lbs in the first semester just from dorm food and taking the stairs to the 3rd floor all the time.  By the end of the first semester I was able to run up three flights of stairs, skipping stairs all the way up.   Soon.  yes soon.   I've been .. mostly good with my food.  Much much easier to be good at work, than at home.  Which seems backwards in my head, but it is what it is. 

I do need to call my surgeon and find out what his policy on fills is.   Is he one of the "call me if you need one" types, or the "you will get it on this day, and no other day, and no sooner than 2 months after the first"?  .. Cause right now I can eat anything.  And I'm HUNGRY.   I had a smoothie with 15g of protein in it for breakfast this morning, finished it maybe 2 hours ago, and I'm starving (which is why the bagels are EVIL).  I'll probably have half a protein bar as a snack here in a few.  Only good news is weight isn't going up, other than daily fluctuations.  Bad news, not down either (although I haven't weighed since Sunday)

But I'm at work, so I should probably look like I'm doing worky stuff.   toodles!

<3 Sam


  1. Taking the stairs is a fantastic thing to do. I have been trying to do the same, however I don't actually need to change floors that much! I think on my breaks I will go for a walk and just go up and down the stairs for something to do now that I am going to be eating/drinking food I don't really want people to comment on.

  2. yeah, I don't have to change floors either. I just told myself every time i have to go to the bathroom (which is frequently with all the water i'm drinking) I also have to go down to floor, and then back up.