Friday, July 8, 2011

Adorable! That's me! *fluttering eyelashes go here*

Booyah! I have proof that I'm adorable! where's the hubby when he needs to see this?  *sigh*

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Thanks goes to Jessica for this award. I couldn't have done it without her!

!. OMG my first house! It's almost here! very excited and nervous. And half worried if we can really really afford it. 

@.  I am Queen Procrastinator.  I close on thursday, can move in any time after that, have everythign set up to move move on sunday, and have a grand total of ZERO boxes packed. yeehaw.    And this is nothing new. In college the only difference between a rough draft of a paper and a final draft was spell check.  Mostly because it was written 4 hours before it was due (oddly enough usually got an A)

#.  I love the State i live in. Colorado.  It's beautiful, the weather is awesome, and it's beautiful! 

This is the view out of my window right this second.
 Now I just need to fit in.  Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the nation.  me too please!

$.  I'm Jewish...ish.   I identify as Jewish, although am not practicing.  

%. I'm a technophile.  If it's new and shiney I must have it.  This I inherited from my mom.  She had a portable DVD player when it cost almost $1000 and didn't have enough battery power to play a whole movie on one battery.  I'm not that bad (mostly because I don't get paid what she did) .. but I want to be.

^.  I'm also an internet junky?  A lot of it is the fact that so many of my friends I made online, and therefore are spread all over, so much easier to keep in touch online.  Also .. I kinda feel like it keeps me young. I know what the kids these days are talking about if they say "nyan cat"  

&.   My favorite TV genre is Sci-fi.  My favorite TV show? Castle!  <3 Nathan Fillion <3 (who's also in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog  which more <3  and Neil Patrick Harris!  I want him to be my gay best friend!

*. My most favorite movie ever?  Probably the Lion King. Still.  Just <3 it very much 

(. I have a competitive streak.  One of my motivators in this weight loss band journey is to do better than a friend of mine is..  That sounds wrong to me, but it's something to shoot for. 

!). I did stairs at work all 4 days this week!! (yay for short weeks) Tuesday was 2 x 2 floors, Wed. was 3x2, and both thursday and today were 5 x 2 floors!  Holy cow!  (yes it hurt but still) .. That's probably the longest I've stuck with anything exercise related. 

!!.  you get eleven, cause you're that cool!  I have this knack for liking expensive things.  Show me 4 pairs of shoes, the ones I like best will be the most expensive.  ALWAYS.  I'm so very good at that.  It's a curse.

Nominations time!  This years Nominees are:

<3  Sam

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  1. Fun read! I watched the Nyan Cat video, lol! I had seen it somewhere before, but now I'm hip like you right? ...oh ok...I'll never know what the young people are talking about again, will I.