Thursday, July 21, 2011

Never Moving Again!

I swear, I'm not moving again until I'm wealthy enough to be able to pay someone to come in and pack all my junk for me, load it, and unpack it.  Oh, and to clean the old place.  Holy carp I am so tired.  And we're not even unpacked yet.

And did I mention the 8 million mosquito bites I acquired?  >.<   blargh.   But on the plus side there was much physical work being done, so yay exercise!  And YAY for my first house!  And boo for no internet at home yet. I wont' really be able to catch up on everybody's blogs, as it would take my entire work day.  But I'm here, doing well (except for a sore port area.. maybe using those muscles made it sore?  dunno)  and my goal is to have my scale unpacked before Sunday!

But that's it, just checking in.

<3 Sam

P.S.  I now have a huge mirrored closet door.  Pictures will be EASY!! (once I decide I like taking them)


  1. Hopefully you get internet soon! This is fantastic. :)

  2. Life without Internet??? Barbaric!!!
    Happy unpacking!!!

  3. Barbaric is right! I was happy to get back to work just so I could have some internet on something other than my phone!

  4. Life without internet = what do I life for?

    I had to laugh that I was reading about your mosquito bites while I scratched the one on my ankle. :( I only have one and it's driving me nuts!!

    Oh, and moving is HARD, but you'll love it when you've settled in. Wish I had a big mirrored closet! I just have to have my husband take the photos or set up the laptop - just - so and use it's built in camera.

  5. Ugh - I hate moving. Then again - it's the only time I ever clean behind my stove. xoxo

  6. Moving is the worst! Glad it's over and you can get settled in. I'm sure you got in some good exercise!