Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OMG seriously??

So.. yesterday I'm cruising along (on 3.5 hours of sleep.. yay) .. and everything is good.  Put in an order for dinner (chinese food, I was going to have pot stickers) .. In the time it took for food to get here (about 50 minutes) I went from feeling fine, to OMG worst abdominal cramps ever!! I get fairly bad cramps with my TOM but these were just constant, not letting up.  They brought on diarrhea  and vomiting.  So not only do I feel like cr@p, but I'm sitting there worried that I'm going to mess up my band before I even get a fill.  Anywhos, about an hour of feeling like death, and then about as suddenly as it came on, it mostly left.  Just settled into a discomfort in my bladder.  

So I do what any intelligent, reasonable adult does and self diagnosed myself on WebMD.  Kidney stones!  It actually makes sense (and if I factor in the 10 mins of random stabby pains in my kidney area on Sunday, it makes more sense i think).  I do have a doctors appointment set up for tomorrow (this) morning.   But I was reading up on causes/prevention of future ones (since apparently once you have one, you're prone to more) and one thing that was listed was calcium in pill form.  drinking/eating it is okay and even encouraged.  but "uh oh, I'm supposed to take calcium supplements forever and for always"..  so keep reading.  HIGH PROTEIN DIET can also lead to kidney stones.  Anybody else see a problem with this?  yeah, me too.

So we'll see what's up.  Will keep you all up to date on the gory details.

<3 Sam


  1. Poor you, hope that the Dr is able to help.

  2. Hope all is ok. Let us know how you are doing.