Sunday, June 19, 2011

Have you seen this girl? or An award? for me? you shouldn't have!

Have you seen me? Cause I sure haven't.  Nobody told me buying a house would take up so much of my time! eesh!  But yes, I'm back by popular demand *waves* Hi Red! 

Things are going well for me.  I have no idea what my previous diarrhea/vomiting/bladder pain episode was, but I feel much better now.  Thank goodness.  My weight remains steady, up a pound or two one day, and back down the next.  I'm okay with that.  Considering I get my first fill on Wednesday,  I figure I'm doing really well not gaining back the weight lost from liquids after entering real food phase.   But yes, First Fill Wednesday! dun dun DUNNNN.   I'm looking forwards to it.  Want to start going down again.  Of course exercise would help.  Mostly it's the hectic crazy that has become my life.  Or me making more excuses to not go..   you pick one.  I'll give you a hint, choose the excuses.  >.<   I know, I know, I'll do better. Promise.  

Past news,  I got the Adorable Blog Award from Prudence!  Thank you so much!

Rules of the Award
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*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
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Thing the first:  I'm a gamer geek.  Not hard-core, but love me some computer games.  For the last few years I've been playing World of Warcraft, and very much enjoy it.  I'm a decent player, and enjoy the challenge of raiding with a group of people from all over the country.  (and am looking for a new raid group >.>)   In fact, I met my husband on an online game: Kingdom Of Loathing . 
B)  I am also a band geek.  I did band from 5th grade through the end of college.  I miss marching band.   A lot.  I miss the instant friends, and the forever friends. (It was also a decent source of activity) I played flute/piccolo, but personality-wise I wasn't a flute.  I was not a girly/princess girl.
3.   I worry that I'm too boring to come up with 10 things about myself.  
More:   I'm a homebody.  9 times out of 10 I'd rather stay home and read/computer/whatever.  (and then I wonder why I lose touch with friends).  I think that's why this last week had drained me to the point of avoiding my computer after i do finally get home.  I'm so worn out for being out, that all i want to do is read and go to bed.
Fiver:   I feel like I'm always behind.  I'm 31  and buying my first house.  I was 28 when I got married (barely). Buy the time I lose weight and am (hopefully) able to have kids I'll probably be 33-35.  I feel like I've let responsibility go by the wayside.
6:   Favorite food? Mexican.  even if it doesn't always agree with me.  I love spicy!  spicy gives me heartburn!  It's win/win.  somehow :)
7-up:  I hate my currently efficient body!  I've been wearing my body-bugg again and it says that I'm burning 2500 calories a day.  There is no effing way that I'm eating that much (probably around 1500), so why doesn't the scale move? grrrrrr.  This I need to work though (a.k.a. exercise!)
8 is great!:   I .. mostly like my job.  I work for the police department ID-ing all the prisoners by fingerprint.  The way we do it is sooooo old that only 4 or 5 places still do it like we do in the entire country.   On one hand I think it's awesome that I have a skill that so few people possess.. On the other hand, that skill won't take me very many places other than where I am.
8 1/2:  on a related note, I want to go back to school and get my masters degree in something that will let me work in the crime lab.  THAT I will be able to take with me wherever.  However I'm daunted by the fact that I need to take the GRE and it's been almost 10 years since I finished college.
Nein! : I took German in high school.  My grandmother thought I should have taken Spanish for a couple of reasons, a) She's Jewish and basically hasn't gotten over WWII (not that I can blame her) and b) because of where I live.  Looking back she's probably right (for reason b).   I did enjoy German though, and got to go to Germany which was awesome.   I also took a semester of German I in college.  I figured after 3 years of H.S. German, intro in college would be an easy A.  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  That one semester covered at least as much as all 3 years of H.S. 
The End:  Exercise is going to be the death of me.  I have NEVER been an active person (and it shows!)  Sure I played basketball at the Y.  I wanted to be a guard so that I didn't have to run back and forth all the time.  Same with soccer.  Stay back and guard the net, none of this running crap for me.  Bike rides were great, as long as they were all down hill.   I need someone to come re-program my brain to like exercise please!
And now the nominations go to: *drumroll*
ttfn! good luck reading all of this!
<3 Sam


  1. Good luck with your fill on Wednesday, I get one that day, too! Of course it's my 5th, not first... but it's always an adventure.

    I think you could definitely have burned 2500 calories during the day. At my current weight (213) I burn about 1800 calories per day when I'm at rest, so if you've been working and getting even a little more movement in during the day - you're good doing pretty good.

    Oh, and as for number 4, I'm the same way. (Oops!) It might change as you lose weight, or not, but nothing wrong with it. :)

  2. Lol, I loved it!! I have something to say about almost every one.

    1. My husband is a geek and has geeked me a bit. I love WOW and we are looking forward to TOR (Star War, The Old Republic).

    2. We're band geeks too! Husband and I met in marching band. I played trombone (I'm totally a brass type personality, outgoing and fun!). Band is the fondest part of high school for me. If I'd have been any good I would have liked to have been in the Purdue Marching band in college, but I was terrified because I really don't have much musical talant.

    6. Mexican food is my fav too!

    7. Yeah, isn't that nuts! I feel like I should be losing 10lbs a week!

    10. Yeah, exercise is terribly hard for me. Zumba has helped, then I found Turbo Kick and I LOVE that. It's hard though, really hard. I feel like a complete and total fatty there, but it's totally shaving off the pounds.

    Yay, it's fun getting to know my blogger friends!

  3. I loved Germany! I was only there once and it was just for a few days, but I want to go back very much.

  4. Hi Sam! So glad to see you back! And thanks for the award too! I better go and pay it forward on my blog.
    I'm also a band geek! Also flute and piccolo!