Wednesday, June 8, 2011

another update

woke up feel lots lots better today. mostly. still waiting for the UTI culture to come back though.  But yesterday, went back to the doctor.  Bladder starting having excruciating pain.  and constant.  Took an x-ray with the caveat that IF it was kidney stones, only the calcium based ones would show up.  But there was nothing to show.  picked up the antibiotics and a prescription for some Tylenol/codeine.  Took a pain pill last  night,  waited a bit to see if it would make me nauseous, took my antibiotic, and felt almost human again.  I work up this morning with just a few uncomfortable twinges in the bladder area, but stayed home anyways, since yesterday when I woke up I also felt better before things got worse.   So far today has been mostly good.   Except eating, I tried a bit of leftover Chinese chicken probably too spicy/solid for my tummy after the last few days. Had a little applesauce also, and then my stomach hurt soooo much.   Coughed at the toilet for a few, nothing happened, and now I feel fine again.  My biggest worry is I somehow messed up my band before I even got a fill.  Is that possible?

meh, time to go down some more fluids. whee!

<3 Sam


  1. Hi Sam,
    I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well! I can't help with band advice, but just wanted to bring a hug. So... HUGS!!! I hope that the antibiotics do their job and you are feeling tip top very soon.

  2. Red, Thanks for the hugs. I could use them. I can be a total pessimist at times, so all that's going through my head is the worst possible scenarios. :(

  3. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so miserably! I do think that with no fill in your band, you should be okay. Your doctor should be able to look at it when you are getting your first fill and make sure that it is right where it should be. Feel better soon!