Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Nothing too deep or insightful today.  I think I'm just amused with the emotions I'm having with this weight-loss.  They're not what I would have expected.    I mean .. I'm almost dreading the day when my wedding/engagement rings won't fit.  That day is soon.  I know part of that is I have a bad habit of imagining what other people are thinking about me.  And for a long time I was imagining "oh the poor fat girl will never have anybody" .. even though I DID have someone, lacking the visible proof I assumed everyone thought I was alone.

I'm also .. annoyed that my pants are getting too big.  I'm happy, but at the same time.. annoyed when i have to hike them up.

The obvious weirdness is the "OMG I've lost 60lbs from my highest ever!!" which then swings to "OMG I've got another 60lbs (or more) to lose, I'll never do that"

I know I had a few other examples in my head a few minutes ago, but they flitted away. So I think I'll leave you with the statement that somehow I expected all "Happy Happy Joy Joy" and am confused by the other feelings leaking in.


p.s.  bananas hurt :(


  1. You have echoed my exact thoughts today! I've also lost almost 60 pounds and have at least 60 to go... and the emotions are hard!

  2. Well, pick a cat ... any cat :) And NEVER say never :)

  3. I have lost over 60 and still have 60 to go too!! We are so similar!

    Also - you commented on my blog about the socks and using silver's site. That's the EXACT site I'm using. How funny!!