Monday, September 12, 2011

A day late a pound short

Sunday weigh in on Monday!  233.8.  huzzah.  Down a bit, which is good after this week.  I was bad with food, even with being on mushies for a bit.  I was also bad with exercise, because moving made my tummy feel worse.  I think what made the difference was my house warming party yesterday.  Was up at 7am cleaning, had a small breakfast, and didn't eat again till 6ish? And i had a burger with a slice of cheese.  I only had like 2 bites of the various chips and dips we had out.  In all honestly this "I did so well" is mostly due to the fact that I was way to busy to eat.  But I'll take it.  I'm pretty sure if I had remembered to weigh yesterday It would have been closer to no loss for the week. I"m a cheater ;)    Hope you all have a great day!  time to clean up the house.. again



  1. yay for down, sam! you're doing great!!!!

  2. YAY for down!! So happy for you!

  3. It's always good when the scale goes in the right direction!! :)

  4. Less is less is less! Congrats! New follower to your page! Go you!!!