Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have the best Mommy EVAR!

So, I told ya'll how my heels have been hurting.  They still do, however not near as much as before.  Thank you all for your suggestions :)   I did end up going to the doctor yesterday, mostly to see if they still do/cover through insurance doctor made orthotics.  I was told that Kaiser doesn't.  At least not at my office or my plan or something.  Or maybe just after jumping through a lot of hoops.  Either way, the doc just told me "stretches, ice, stretches, no flip flops, no flats, no heels, no bare feet" .. (no fun shoes is what I heard).  She also said especially with my flat feet orthotics could help.  (! oh! NSV, when they took my blood pressure, they didn't have to go get the big arm cuff!! yay!)

So I called my Mom and said "I know what I don't really want, but need for my birthday.. orthotics!"
Long story short I now have some Good Feet orthotics (and the shoes I've been eyeing) .. and HOLY COW are these suckers expensive.   My mommy loves me and my feet!  And I am spoiled rotten.

That is pretty much it for now, much house cleaning in the future, my house warming party is on Sunday! eesh.



  1. Of course she does! :)

    Glad your feet are feeling better.

  2. comfy shoes can change your entire outlook on life. Hope the pain goes away quickly.