Friday, November 11, 2011

Picture Time

yup, Picture time!  mostly of my surrounding during the dog walk yesterday, and one of me!  I'm really likeing the front camera on the iPhone.  it makes taking self pics to easy!!

This is how work makes me feel
 ... I probably shouldn't put this picture first, as that's what you all will see on your reading list... ah well

and let me just say, it's not easy trying to take pics of the moon, with a dog on a leash!


  1. Those were taken with your phone? Wowza ! And you look fantastic, my dear !

  2. yeah, they're not kiddnig when they say the new iphone camera is pretty good. :)

  3. oh how I miss Colorado!! thanks for sharing the pics! :)

  4. beautiful!!! I love the high deserty...landscape. I also love your hair!!


  5. Girly, where have you been???!!! I missed youuuuu! So glad to see you posting again - and congrats on your super new pup...yay for puppies!