Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't know if any of you consider yourselves "gamers" like I do.  I don't know if any of you have heard of Fitocracy either.  But after reading an article about it, similar to this one About Fitocracy, I was totally interested.

Long story short, yes it's another website to track your fitness goals, work outs etc.  However this one has the gaming twist. you earn points, you level up, you have quests to complete.  One girl I know was interested because as she put it "I'm lazy as hell, but I'm super competitive too, so this could be good"  .. As for me, when I played WoW I was very into collecting all the "things" and leveling up, and getting achievements.  If I can apply that to fitness, this could work for me.

I finally got an invite today so yay! and I have 10 invites to give out it looks like.  So if anybody is interested, send me an email with your email (or if your not shy leave a comment with your email) and I'll invite you.  First come, first served!



edited to add:  This is still in Beta, so expect changes/updates etc.  There's a forum associated with it, where you can make/get suggestions.  Looking around I don't find anything to track food, so you'd still need something for that, but it still looks fun for tracking exercise.