Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hehe.. Oops.

Yeah, oops, it's been 20-ish days since I've blogged.  I totally blame my still broken and not replaced scale.  I have no progress to report!  Even if my scale were working I'm pretty sure i'd have no progress to report.  I have been very lax.  and Very into the cookie dough.  Bad me!   I think without my weigh-in's I haven't been holding myself very accountable.  *sigh*

Also in my non blogging defense, I did have like 3 days when we weren't home until late... because I got a new car!  it's my first ever new car.  I got a 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco.  I loves it! <3

Also also, Work has been a bit busier than usual.  I have 12 hours of overtime coming on this next check (yay $$)  and even without overtime, I haven't had as much blogging time as I had before.

Excuses, Excuses.

I promise to be better. no excuses.  It's okay if i go to the gym after work, then come home and walk the dog, even if it is going to be dark out!  And no more cookie dough!

Also my band has been weird lately.  I haven't had a fill in maybe 3 months.  I'm okay with that.  But I swear it's gotten tighter.  I mean maybe this last week or so was due to ToM, but even before that, applesauce felt like it was getting sort of stuck.   I dunno. I can still drink my water, so I'm not too worried, it's just odd.


Edited to ad:

Let me clarify things..  It's really tight in the morning (sometimes) to the point where applesauce is a bit uncomfortable.. but it does go down. But later in the day regular food is fine (assuming i'm not wolfing it down).  I think/hope it's just hormones/cold weather (is that possible?) making things tighter in the morning.  If it keeps up I will call my doc about making sure everything is okay and/or taking a bit out. Because yeah, complications scare the bejeesus out of me.


  1. Wow, that doesn't sound good, Sam! I think you should be a little worried about the tightness, especially if some days you can't even get down applesauce. Also, most of the complications that come with the band such as erosion and dilation come from being too tight. I don't want to scare you, but I would hate for anything like that to happen to ya. :(

    Congrats on the new car!

  2. Welcome back! Enjoy the new car!

  3. I have a similar experience. I usually don't want anything in the morning and it's difficult to get down even a shake. It loosens up during the day. I've heard of other folks having the same experience. Must have something to do with sleeping, and maybe the stomach swells a little. I know it's not TOM because I'm too old for that. I've had my band a little over 2 years.

    Congrats on the new car!

  4. It's called "Morning Band" and most bandsters can't eat in the morning. I have a protein shake every morning, and have all along because I truly have morning band.
    That being said, I've been tighter this week for some unknown reason. I have a hard time with hummus and even yogurt! I know it's either from TOM on the way, or being constipated.
    Good luck and enjoy the new car!

  5. No advice but I'm glad you're back ! Have fun with you new ride !

  6. Hey Sam, time to get in gear! Come on, we're in this together.

    Step One: buy a new scale
    Step Two: pour bleach on the cookie dough and throw it away
    Step Three: starting kicking butt again!!!

    Feel free to give me a swift kick too. No one said this would be easy, but you CAN do it Sam!