Friday, November 18, 2011

Appointment made

Yarp, I have made an appointment with my surgeon to talk about an unfill.  Wednesday afternoon.  Now i'm all worried he'll think i'm doing it so i can eat more on thanksgiving.  Blah.  But honestly, I do better if I'm able to eat actual food for breakfast in the mornings.  Shakes don't cut it.  And yogurt sometimes is uncomfortable. So in I go.   Also for the last 4 days or so my stomach has felt a bit off.  Like not quite sick off, but not normal. sometimes eating helps (new feeling for hunger??) but not always.  Maybe my band has gotten too tight (weather? hormones? freak of nature?)  and it's irritating my stomach.

Hopefully all will be resolved soon!  On a yay note I "jogged" a bit as i was walking the doggy yesterday.  It wasn't for long, but still.  I don't think that the dog will make a good jogging companion, as much as he could use the exercise too.  He's way to interested in stopping and sniffing everything.. I'd yank my arm out of my socket if I was moving at a faster pace.

Speaking of dog walks, I need to figure out something.. In order to not walk the dog in the pitch black, I need to go straight home to walk him, skipping the gym.   I COULD go to the gym afterwards, but at that point i'm home, and the hubby is home and my will power is out the window (not to mention the rest of the people are off of work and the gym will be more crowded). Which is why I would always go to the gym on the way home, never stop.

I really should just go home, change to gym clothes, walk, throw the dog in the back yard and go to the gym... Just convincing myself at the time is the issue.. *sigh*

<3 Sam


  1. Yes, you should prob get an unfill if you can't eat yog ... you'll be much happier :)

  2. wow, i cant even imagine that. my first fill came and went with no real difference. I just had my second fill last wednesday so we shall see how it goes when i am allowed to eat regular again.