Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A little advice?

I hate having such a pessimistic head.  The last couple of days (maybe just one?) after eating (which i can do mostly just fine, just a little pain to let me know to chew more)  I've had a burning in my throat afterwards.  I wonder is this a new heartburn?  I used to have really bad/constant heartburn pre-band. But from day one after surgery, no more prilosec for me ( I was so thrilled!)

So I'm wondering, is this a new way for me to feel heartburn?  and if so.. does this mean a slipped band?  I can eat just fine (probably too much .. which I've read can cause a slipped band) I can drink just fine (after the first couple of hours of my day). Nothing else feels weird, just this throat heartburn.

Since last  night though I've been worried about a slipped band.  Looking up symptoms online, and heartburn is the only one I can tick off.  But I know I've been eating too much lately.  *sigh*  now I'm obsessively worrying about it.  Do I call my surgeon? Do I just do a few days of liquids and see if all is better?




  1. Sometimes I get similar pains when I eat too fast or too much. Maybe try eating some softer food for a while?

  2. I get that feeling too, usually when I have eaten too much. Stick to the band limits of food, 1/2 - 1 cup of food, depending on what you have been told by your doctor, wait a while and if you are still actually hungry, have a little more and schedule a fill.

    Don't just eat because you can. Only eat when yo are hungry.

    I am also taking ore of what's am saying to follow this advice too :o) because no matter how many times we are told, I still need reminders to do this too.

  3. In the last pat I was supposed to say note, not 'ore'

    Don't know how that happened :o)

  4. I have the same feeling and makes me a bit nervous too.

  5. Call your surgeon ASAP and inform him about the heartburn! If he fixed a hiatal hernia while he was doing your lapband surgery... you would NOT be having these symptoms unless something was amiss with your band. Take care of yourself, girlfriend.