Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm awesome (in a bad way)

Yeah, I'm totally awesome at making excuses.

Some of them are legit.  Like my knee really hurt a few weeks ago, and it also hurt this week (I cleaned all the things!  on Tuesday, and my knee has hurt like a mo-fo since then)

Some of them I feel are legit, but if I really really wanted to lose this weight and get fit etc, i'd find a way to work it.  For example Nora totally inspired me to check out the Body Pump classes at my gym.. so I go online to look at class schedules and that class for my gym is offered 2 days a week (well 3, but I'm at work for the third) one at 5:45 pm, and one at 6:45 pm.  I get to the gym at 4pm, and am typically done with cardio around 5. I could probably stretch it and stay till 5:45.. and not get home/have dinner till almost 7.. but 6:45? yeah, no.  I could go home, and have dinner, and go back to the gym.. but I know me.  The reason I go to the gym at 4 is it's on my way home from work, don't have to stop/sit down. Because if I'm home, I'm so not leaving again.  There is one gym that's "close" that has a bit better times (5:30/6:30) and four days a week I could get to, but it's like 20 min out of my way. *sigh*  So i'm back to figuring out weights on my own until I can afford a trainer (never).

On the plus side I AM going home and doing the beginning of Ronnie's 200 sit-ups and I'm also going to try the 100 push ups too.  I should also do the 200(!!!) squats program.. but that's just scary.

On another plus side I should be down this week unless something happens between now and sunday ( a distinct possibility).. I've been seeing 218-219 in the mornings for the last few days. so yay!

Of course since I talked about it on not weigh in day, I've jinxed it ;)



  1. I totally rock at making excuses too. I think it's human nature.

  2. I'm doing all the programs. The pushups, situps, squats, and dips. I have to say, the squats are the easiest in my book. Don't be intimated. Just jump in and give it a shot! You can do it!

  3. Excuses are awesome, until the reality hits and you realize nothing was accomplished. I am so bad at excuses. I can even find an excuse to not be excused from not making excuses. Yeah, I'm like that!

  4. I am the QUEEN of excuses. normally it's a "I feel like shit so I just wanna lay down" when I get home excuse.... which of course the REASON i feel like crap is bc I haven't been working out! When I DO work out I don't have that problem! Vicious cycle I tell ya....

  5. I'm already trying to talk myself out of going to the gym in the morning!
    You can do it.

  6. Ugh. I am an excuse whore, too. I can only do one thing at a time, exercise or eat well. Never both, seems like.