Thursday, February 2, 2012

And the panic is back

Yeah, panic is back. Heartburn isn't (although my throat is a bit scratchy).. but my stomach.. aches.  Not like "feeling sick" ache. just Uncomfortable ache.   And Ronnie had mentioned something about if my surgeon had fixed a hiatal hernia during my surgery I wouldn't be having these symptoms.. What if he didn't fix or mention a hernia? as far as I know I've never had one to fix. 

The most worrying part of this is, it's supposed to snow like 20 inches starting soon, and going through saturday. (not to mention the fact that it'll be the weekend)  Do call and see what they say? 

I'm sure the fact that I can drink water just fine still is promising .. but achy isn't.   I have mushies and soups for the next few days.  Maybe just tough it out till monday. 

looking back through communications with Kaiser, in sept, and Nov. I'd mentioned my stomach aching too. (Nov was when I went in for a bit of an unfill) .. For sure calling the surgeon, just not sure when I can get in there.  *sigh* I hate complications.

*edit* surgeon has been called, message left.   Plan is unless I hear otherwise I'm doing soups and mushies this weekend.  


*edit #2*  surgeon called back, told me to get some liquid mylanta and/or prilosec and if it gets worse over the weekend call him to see him monday or tuesday. 


  1. Oh I hope you'll be okay...take care.

  2. Sounds like a good plan! Keep us posted and hope all is okay.

  3. hope you get it figured out and feel better soon.

  4. Hope it's nothing, but I didn't want you to ignore it and have problems with your band. <3

  5. I hope you're doing OK. Come on back. We miss you -- this from a blogger who took a month off herself.