Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grrr. F$%#$ing ignorance

Seriously, I can't read news article comments anymore cause it just pisses me off... and apparently I can't listen to the radio anymore either.

On my way home the radio station i listen too always does an "Other Peoples problems" bit, where people write or call in with their issue and then people call in with their thoughts/solutions, they also post it on facebook.  Today was something along the lines of "i met my BFF in a weight loss program, we instantly bonded blah blah blah.  Today I'm still losing weight slowly, but surely, but she got Gastric bypass surgery, and her weight fell off like magic"  (here's where i expected  something along the lines of "i'm so jealous i don't want to be around her") .. Now the friend who had surgery is being a royal witch to the still fat friend, and making jokes at her expense and saying "you're to fat to do ____ "  .

One of the DJ's then says " wow, she really turned on who she used to be.. but before we go any further, can we say Carrie (or whatever her name was) cheated" ...


Pissed.  And then if you read the facebook comments on the post, mixed in with "ditch the friend" is a lot of , "easy way out" "cheated"  "in 5 years she'll be fat again" and "at least you'll have earned the right to be skinny"

WTF?  earn the right to be skinny?  paying tons of money, working your ass off and changing everything about how/what you eat  etc. doesn't earn you the right to be skinny? for fucks sake people need to grow up.

My response " While this friend is no friend judging from her actions, a lot of you need to realize that weight loss surgery is NOT the easy way out, or cheating. When the best thing an obese person can do for themselves is lost weight, does it really matter how they do it?"

I would have said more, but I was on my phone...  but just GRRR.  I wish.. I dunno what I wish, just that people were less stupid and took some time to educate themselves before they say things.
If you want to weigh (lol see what I did there?) in on this, here's the facebook page:



  1. Sometimes people are just so easy to detest. Grr.

  2. i hate when people say this is the easy way out. I still have to make the right decisions every single day! just because I have cheats codes doesn't mean im not playing the game!

  3. I really hate that people think that WLS is a cheat or an easy way out. Would you tell someone who stopped smoking by using that patch or that gum that they cheated? Hell no. You would be like, "Great job quitting smoking and using a tool to help you do it was smart!" Why is WLS considered a cheat? Seriously, morbidly obese people need to get the weight off to live a healthy life, or sometimes JUST to keep living. Heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, its all there.

    While I don't agree with the WLS friend being mean to her friend who still has weight to lose, I also wonder if it's not a case of still has to lose being jealous that WLS friend was able to get her weight off. Also - yeah, if WLS friend doesn't continue to WORK her tool she will gain it back in 5 years. I know at least two people at my place of work that have had bypass and put their on their weight again.

  4. I totally Agree Cat. with all of it. It might be "easier" to lose the weight, but if the effort isn't put in to change your lifestyle, then yes, you'll probably end up back where you started.

  5. Wow, ignorance really must be bliss for these people.