Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did a light bulb just turn on??


I swear, You'd think this whole lap band/weight loss thing was rocket science the way I've been going at it.
But yesterday ... I was good with my food (mostly) and after work I went to the gym for 50 minutes of elliptical, and THEN went home and walked the dog for another 40 min (Thank  you daylight savings!) ..  my bodybugg said those two hours (ish)  burned about 700 calories.  At first I'm all amazed!!  then I'm all .. duh!! That's the whole point of exercise..  And all of that is probably why I was able to eat twice as much dinner as I should have (taco meat, cheese a few a lot of tortilla chips, home made salsa and guac) and still see my lowest weight yet on the scale this morning 217.1  .. not official weight, as it's not Sunday, however, this is encouraging.  Maybe if I actually keep this up I can get back to losing.  and find Onederland! and beyond!
And while I'm at it can I win the lotto so I can afford a trainer?  >.>

In other news, on March 23rd,   we'll be adding a new puppy to our family.  Yup puppy, potty training and all.  But I'm excited, it's a Welsh Corgi!!! so cute!!
Our puppy will be one of these
Also also, I don't think I mentioned this, but in my absence from blog land I figured out my painful elbow is due to tennis elbow.  joy >.<   So i've got a brace on, and whenever I remember I do my stretches.. And soon I get to learn the exercises to make this not happen again.  so yay!

But that's it for now.  Hopeing to stay excited enough to keep up what I'm doing!



  1. Exercise is the super secret to this WHOLE deal. Shh... :)

  2. Yep, exercise is key hon! I must insist on pics of the new baby when he arrives!!

  3. Yeah exercise has really helped me too! The new puppy is exciting!