Friday, April 6, 2012

Discouraged, and it's all my fault


For some reason this morning I got really down on my band.  Maybe seeing several people getting revisions to the sleeve, or maybe just the stagnating weight-loss, or the gaining back of my magical 5lb loss.. or all of the above.

I had toyed with the idea of getting the sleeve in the first place, it just seemed a little too new to me.  Not enough info out there  yet.  Of course this morning I was all "maybe I should look into a revision".. like a  year is enough to make a difference in that.  But this morning I was all "does kaiser do revisions? do they cover them? would I have to self pay? etc"

Speaking of, I haven't even been banded a year yet, so I KNOW that I'm not a failure, that I've plenty of time to lose more weight, etc.  But I just FEEL like all progress has stopped.  Of course if that's the case, that's my fault, not the bands fault.  I'm pretty sure I've been the laziest/worst bandster ever, and should probably consider myself lucky to have lost the 70+ lbs that i have lost.  I rarely exercise, I eat way more than I should.  Potato chips and ice cream have been great friends of mine.. not because I need to eat sliders.. just cause I can.

I know that I don't NEED a revision surgery.. Hopefully I never will ($$$)  .. I just need to pull my cr@p together and actually do what I'm supposed to do.

le sigh,


  1. Oh, girl. I hear ya! I'm really bummed today myself. I gained .4 lbs this week. I haven't been going as long as you and have only lost 56 lbs. and have about another 150 to go! Which is why I'm so damn defeated. Yes, I ate some jellybeans this week, but good Lord. I use to eat a LOT more. Why is the weight not coming off? I guess we just have to keep plugging along and the weight will come off. This is why we have wonderful people here in blogland to help us keep plugging on!

  2. hang in there. I know it's tough. I had the sleeve but my brother had the band and he's lost 250 pounds. I know whatever you decide in the end you will be victorious!!!!

  3. Oh Samantha, call me selfish, but I was SO HAPPY to read your post because I am feeling exactly how you're feeling! We are not failures, we just need to get back on track. We can do this!! We've come a long way with not a lot of work at all, now we just need to put more effort into it. I have 6 weeks of nursing school left and then you better believe I will be doing ALL I can to lost that weight. We've come this far! Lets not give up now!!