Friday, December 16, 2011

NSV of sorts

Yup, a NSV to report.. that came to be by pure laziness (aka not swapping laundry loads)

I was running around this morning trying to find some jeans (yay casual fridays!) .. and realized that both my pairs of size 18s are in the washer (as in still wet).  Oops.   So I look in my closet, the only two pairs in there are a size 20 (only if i want to be pulling them up all day) and a size 6 in Lane Bryants right size whatever line. Also, way too big.

So I go to the "soon" closet, and pull out a pair of 16s.. thinking "yeah right" .. but they're on!  they're tight.. but they're on! and buttoned! ... and with 3 inches of flab hanging over the top >.<

But we'll ignore the flab (or cover it with a loose top) and go with the fact that I'M WEARING SIZE SIXTEEN JEANS!! for the first time in years!

In other news, I almost forgot my gym bag this morning, but went back inside and grabbed it. AND I shaved my legs.. Nothing is stopping me!