Sunday, April 24, 2011


I'm starting to put together my list of things I need to get prior to surgery.  I'm going to post what I have so far, and if anybody reading this has already had their surgery, and has additional ideas, please please please let me know.

Liquid Tylenol
reg. Tylenol
clear broths
low fat/nonfat yogurt (probably greek)
fat free/sugar free jello
fat free/sugar free Popsicles
protein shakes?

Also meeting with my surgeon on Wed.  I have a few questions to ask him, but feel I should have more.  Are there questions you wish you had asked?   So far I have what technique does he use to secure the band to my stomach, and is my half mile walk from the light-rail station to work too much to do a week or two out from surgery.. 

Any tips and pointers for pre-surgery would be greatly appreciated now. 
thanks folks!



  1. I am very excited to follow you from the beginning! Best of luck to you on this wonderful (but hard) journey!

  2. Hi there!

    I'm only just about 3 months since my surgery, so not much further ahead in the journey than you are now. i assume you are on a pre-op diet? I went on mine for a month before the surgery. I did keep exercising up until the surgery day as I was only allowed light walks after it, and could not resume my weight training until 6 weeks post op. I think prep for post op is key especially in the first week with clear broths etc. Make them as flavoursome as possible as it gets boring quickly! I did have issues with constipation so I had benfiber and my alpine tea sorted to keep me 'regular' as you might say. Umm keep your vitamins (soluble of course) and water up the best you can. Hope that helps somewhat. Everyone is probably a bit different in outcome. I hope it goes well for you as you enter an exciting new stage of our life :)

  3. Just wanted to say hi and good luck, hope that your meeting with the surgeon goes well!

  4. Hi Samantha!!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome!

    I'm so excited for you! I can certainly remember those days (and for me, I was on the pre-op liquid diet for 3 weeks before, and two weeks after... I still remember those 5 weeks clearly!)

    My experience was this: I had the surgery at 9:00am (along with a secondary procedure, called fundoplication, because my GERD was exceptionally bad) I was back in the CAR going home at NOON..... I slept until 3:00pm, and I was on the computer by 4:30pm. I was walking around the next day. I was a 'stellar' medication taker. If liquid vicodin is tolerable by you...... then I'd ask my doctor if that's available to you post-op :) Not sure if you've had any surgeries before? I had a c-section, and a repair of that c-section that knocked me down for about 3 weeks.... I had my lap-band on a Thursday, and I was back to work on Monday like nothing had happened. I was mobile, and in zero pain. I found it a total walk in the park.

    I would have coffee with all the usual (fat free milk, splenda) in the morning, an Atkins shake for breakfast (low in carbs, high in protein, kept me satisfied until lunch) for lunch I'd have another Atkins shake, with plenty of crystal light, unsweetened iced tea, etc. in between (oh.... I was banded August 6, 2009) and for dinner I'd have beef broth.

    Once I was able to have mushies, I'd have hard-boiled eggs.... mashed up with some dijon and light mayo, I'd have yogurt (Kroger brand CARBmaster, 4g carb...... then I'd stir it up until it was fairly soupy, and eat it by dipping my spoon in, and anything that clung to the spoon when I pulled it out I'd eat....... it would take about 20-30 minutes to eat that way!) I'd have cottage cheese with a drizzle of ranch dressing, I'd make boxed Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and make them with extra milk so they'd be a little thin, no sugar added applesauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

    I still take chewable multivitamins, because I find in the morning, my band is tighter (I currently have 10cc in a 14cc band, and been at this sweet spot since October) and I make a blueberry smoothie every morning, which even though is considered "slider" because it's high in protein, it keeps me full for exactly 3 hours.... so it's perfect. The recipe is on my blog:

    I'm so excited for you! I'll be checking back to see how you're doing!! Congratulations, you are going to be VERY happy!


  5. Get liquid benadryl. My doc said if you have allergies or get a cold and have alot of nasal drainage the bendryl helps dry you up. Swallowing mass quantities of snot is not band friendly. :(
    Gross, I know.
    Miralax is a good thing. You will find yourself constipated and must keep things running smoothly until you can get fiber supplements like benefiber started.
    I am a nurse, so I think of the "plumbing" aspects first.
    In the liquid stage, cream of tomato, cream of chicken ( strained) are good comforting soups.
    When you get to mushies refried beans with salsa and bit of shredded cheese are heavenly.
    Good luck.

  6. Cream of Wheat (or other hot cereal). I was desperate for something hot once I got to the "mushy" stage and Cream of Wheat was oddly satisfying. I ate a lot of SF pudding (cook-n-serve, not instant) the first couple of weeks. juice cut with water was wonderful the first few days.

    The refried beans that "Grandma Bonnie" mentioned are a real treat! You'll think you are in heaven!

    Good luck!

  7. HI, I came over from lapband girl. I had surgery on January 12th. I remember feeling sore for the first 4-5 days, but I was up and walking for short bits the day after surgery. I took a full month off work because I could, not because I needed it. It sounds like you have everything you need but if you like sugar free popsicles, get those too!

  8. Best of luck to you!!


  9. I was banded on Feb 22. It was the best thing ever for me. 11 days after surgery, we went to Disney World with our neighbors. (we live close to Disney) I walked over 10 miles per day for a few days while here. I didnt have any hurts, pains, or anything. I took it a little easy, but I was able to do it - and a lot better than I was before the surgery. My stamina is so high now. You will do fine with the walk from the rail station.

    As far as pre-surgery advice.... stick to the diet the doctor tells you. Try to exercise as much as you can because it does help when you get out of surgery. Dont worry, I think everyone is scared to a point before they go in.The advice that everyone else has given you regarding food - I would have to second. I absolutely love my refried beans. lol Also, make sure your milk is fat free.

    Good luck. I think you are going to do great and I know I will enjoy reading all about your weight loss after you have surgery.


  10. Hi there, I just had my surgery March 30th of this year and it was a breeze. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and was back in action by Thursday. The only pain( if you can call it pain) I had was gas pressure in my chest for a few days after surgery, so make sure you get some gas-x strips. Other than that totally pain free. I kept waiting for something to feel funny or hurt, but never did. I go for my 1st fill on Thursday so not sure what it will be like with full restriction, but ready to get this party started. Good Luck to you.