Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Howdy all and welcome to the first post.  I'm not sure where to start, so we'll just jump right in.  I'm 31, female, and you guessed it, overweight.   Have been for .. as long as I can remember.  When I was 12 or so I was in the fitting room with my grandmother and she informed me "The only reason  you have breasts is because you're overweight".  That is the first time I really remember my weight being a "bad" thing.  Since then it's been small things, like wearing a size 12 dress to homecoming freshman year of highschool, when my best friend was wearing a size 0 (of course now I'd kill to be in a size 12)  :-).

So a couple of years ago a friend of mine got the lap-band surgery done, and she's done very well.  I was jealous.  I wanted the "easy way"  (having done much blog reading and research since then, I know it's not easy).  You can't imagine how many time I've gone to bed at night and just wished that somehow magically I'd wake up thin.  I can tell you it's more times that I'd gone to bed wishing for the winning lotto ticket (despite never buying one).   Last summer my doctor suggested to me, and I was met with surprisingly little resistance from my family (probably the main reason i didn't seriously consider it the first time round).  So I called, got myself on the list and waited.  About 7 weeks ago, I got a call from Kaiser (on a friday) and they said "Classes start on Monday, are you still interested?"  Hell yes! So basically here I am.  My surgery is now scheduled for May 12th.  It's finally starting to feel real.  I hope to ... everything.. that I don't mess this up.

What I want from this:
- Lose weight (duh)
-Not be the first one out of breath on the stairs (aka be able to do more than a flight)
-Prevent the diabetes and/or heart disease that runs in my family
-Possibly start a family
-Look in a mirror (and actually like what I see)
-Walk into ANY store and find something that fits
-Knee-high boots :D

and more as I think of them.

For now, this is it.  I need to remind myself to take before surgery photos and measurements.   Any little bit of victory will help me get through the rough times.



  1. Hi! Thx for visiting my blog. I'm so excited for you in your journey! Here's your to do list recommendations from me:
    1. Take your measurements
    2. Choose a weigh in day that you will weigh in once a week.
    3. Write down what you eat. Track protein and calories. every day.
    4. It's a lot of work, but totally worth it!

    YOU CAN DO IT! :)

  2. I can't say enough how the photos and measurements are so important. They got me through some rough patches when I thought nothing was happening. I agree with Lap Band Gal that you need to track protein and calories. Even though you are not on a "diet," you will lose more if you keep track and then go with what works best for you! It is a LOT of work, but definitely worth every "pound" of effort!

  3. Samantha! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I tried to go back once and reread it from the beginning and I got bored! hahahah...

    You can always email me and now that we are on FB, if you have any questions...never be afraid to ask. As you can tell, I am pretty much an open book my friend!