Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unofficial (late) weigh in

No picture, and this is a quicky, but on Sunday on my mom's scale (mine is still broken) I weighed 228.5.  So still (slowly) going down! huzzah!

coming up on sunday is a day to resist (yeah right) temptation.  We all have to work fri/sat/sun due to the Occupy _______ (your city here) protesters.  So they're planning a grilled cheese day on friday.  I haven't had grilled cheese in soooo long.  probably even years before surgery.  Sounds sooo good.  *sigh* but i'm pretty sure two pieces of bread won't feel so good.  Ah well.

That's all I've got for now.  I'm "working"  :)

<3 Sam


  1. Yeah for scale movement - down ! And I love the "working" (the quotes ... ) just made me LOL !

  2. I think grilled cheese will be fine, just be sure to take it slow!

  3. I haven't had grilled cheese in forever!

  4. I love grilled cheese! Once since being banded I was able to eat it. Only once!